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Some Recent Updates

Some Recent Updates

Truth be told that I have been considering closing this blog for good. I’ve been recently laid off from my job, and as everyone knows I do not make any money off this blog. Some guys have suggested that I “monetize” this blog by installing Google Adsense or other types of ads. But that’s just not me.

I am not a pickup artist, although I quite enjoy dishing out dating advice to my fellow mates.

We’ll see what happens next. :)



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5 Easy and Effective Ways to Bore Your Date

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Bore Your Date

dateOne of the worst things to happen on your date, especially on the first few ones when you’re still trying to impress the lady, is for her to end up yawning from utter boredom. Similarly, boring your date is also one of the most effective ways of escaping an already horrible date, and maybe dodge a potentially clingy girlfriend.

Here’s Sonic Seduction’s dating and relationships advice.

Ways to Bore Your Date

So whether you’re trying to learn how to avoid making the mistake of boring your date, or you’re looking for effective ways to escape a bad date, here are 5 easy and very effective ways to bore your date:

  1. Talk about your most boring experience. It could be the worst summer camp experience, or being trapped in a movie house when someone made a stupid fire prank, or even the time you threw up on your sister’s bed for five times in one night, long childhood stories are never great an ingredient for dates. So tell her that story lengthily, in confusing chronology, and in possible the worst voice you can ever muster – trust me she’d be running away as soon as you take a break on your story.
  2. Ask her about insignificant things. ‘Where did you go to High School?’ followed by ‘Did you like your Math teacher?’ followed by ‘Did you at all like the colors of your High School flag?’ would definitely bore her. Asking about things that are not good enough to talk about would definitely not bring up stories. So ask about the neighbor two blocks away, her algebra grade, the principal’s daughter whom she hardly knows, the security guard at her office building, Weird Al – anything that wouldn’t come up with a great story.

Here are some dating tips from cosmopolitan.com.

  1. Tell her about your problems. Whether it’s make believe or it’s some weird insignificant problem you have at work or at home, talking about them on a date is a total waste of anyone’s time. And that’s a surefire way of boring her. I mean, seriously, who wants to talk about problems when you’re supposed to be romantic and having a great time? It’s just boring…very boring.
  2. Talking about your ex. Ahh this is the bomb. The moment you drop the word ‘ex’ into any date conversation, you know you’re in a bad spot and her attention is definitely not on you. And with her attention not on you, you’re having a monologue and she’s looking for a great excuse to go out even before you could get your dessert.
  3. Talk about how much you hate romantic relationships. What better way to turn your date off and bore her with your senseless chatter than to talk about how horrible relationships can get? Of course you can always, always talk about how bad relationships are thereby announcing that you are defeating the purpose of going to a date and the fact that there’s nothing to expect from you after this date. She’d be looking out for the next available guy around midway through your relationship-hate tirades anyway.

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Smart Moves in Dating

Smart Moves in Dating

smart moves

You can be smooth, you can be hot, you can even be Casanova, but are you a smart dater? See, gentlemen, dating is as much a matter of the brain as it is of the heart and of the eyes. It is the brain that analyzes whatever got your fancy – and therefore it tells you, only rightly so, whether or not you are doing the right thing, or doing it with the right person.

Here are some tips from SIBG.com on starting conversations with a girl.

Contrary to what most people perceive, thinking things through in dating does not make the ordeal any less fun. On the contrary, my friends, it not only makes sure you get the fun you want but more importantly, saves you the trouble of getting out of messy situations that you end up successfully avoiding.

So how smart a dater are you anyway?

Here are some tips on how to be Mr Smart as well as Mr Right when it comes to dating:

  • Don’t lie about anything. There is only one thing that this leads to: problem. Telling a lie means living with it; make the smart move early on by being yourself. No lies, no secrets, no worries of being found out or anything!
  • Be loyal. Being a player will be fun now but the chances of you getting happy, lasting and significant relationships will always be low. Trust will always be an issue in every relationship so make sure you earn that and keep that early on!gentleman
  • Know the difference between a gentleman and a lapdog. Being a gentleman means knowing how to respect women while keeping his own composure; being a lapdog means following his girl around and losing his manliness in the process.
  • Treat your woman as an equal. No matter how smart, how pretty, how rich, or how sweet your date is, she deserves to be treated as an equal. A woman is a woman no matter what form she comes in and she deserves that much respect from you.
  • Your punchline is only as good as its timing. Even the most beautiful, most efficient punchline would fail if ill-timed. Don’t drop a punchline just for the sake of dropping a punchline. Know when the right time is to actually make that ‘punch’.
  • Humor is the best ice breaker. First dates and recurring dates can fall victim to awkwardly silent moments so make sure to get your funny side ready for these moments.
  • Take things slow. Everything in the natural world takes its own sweet time to achieve fullness, ripeness, to achieve its best version. This principle should also apply in the dating world. Don’t jump into a serious relationship after three dates, take time to know each other better. Whirlwind romance usually goes as quickly as it comes.
  • Don’t use your money or fame to attract her to you. You would be subjecting yourself to falling victim to gold diggers and users so save yourself from the hassles of it right at the start. Make her fall for your charm, your wits, your personality – these make up for better relationships.

Make your moves right and smooth. Good luck!

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5 Healthy Habits that Will Benefit Your Love Life

5 Healthy Habits that Will Benefit Your Love Life

Our physical health greatly affects our emotional wellbeing; following that logic, there is reason enough to believe that there is something good for our love lives when we take good care of our bodies – and that is more than just gaining sexual benefits! Visit PUA.com.

Habit that you should always do!

coupleGentlemen, let me present to you the 5 healthy habits that are good for your love life, or as I’d like to call them: the 5 good reasons to live a healthy life and gain a better love life:

  1. Exercise daily. You don’t need to burn hours after endless hours on the gym trying to burn your calories. According to fitness and nutrition experts, you only need a good 30-minute workout daily to stay healthy! Love Life benefits: Daily exercise is proven to make the body stronger and sturdier; if you’re looking to impress women with your looks, a toned body will definitely do the part. And research also says that people who exercise regularly have higher libido and better orgasms. I know you’ve been waiting to hear that.
  2. Eat your veg and fruits. Your mom wasn’t kidding nor lying when he said eating vegetables and fruits everyday was good for you. In fact, your every meal should have more vegetables than meat! See, vegetables and fruits contain the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all the other good stuff that your body needs to function at its best. Love Life benefits: Veggies and fruits make your body happy and you can see it in your energy levels, your skin (especially your skin), and even your mood. Your clear skin will be impossible not to notice in a crowd of men with dry and bad skin; while your “natural” high will be very useful for late night dates, bar hangouts and those all nighters *wink*.
  3. Always wash your hands. Hand washing should not be limited to just before and after eating. It should be done every time you go to the bathroom, hold money, touch/hold something that you know a lot of other people’s hands have been to, before and after sex, and practically every opportunity you get. You won’t only effectively protect yourself from getting sick but also stop the spread of disease. Love life benefits: What girl could resist soft, clean and clean-smelling hands on a man? Constant hydration to your hands helps keep your hands soft, no matter how overworked they are. Oh, and wouldn’t your woman love to know that your hands didn’t just come straight from your manhood when you touched her face?
  4. Detox regularly. This is not just one of those fad diets around. Your body, because of all the toxins and stresses and pollution that we subject it too, absorbs too much of the harmful stuff; in fact, it is way too much than what your body can actually naturally expel. And so you’d need tons of more natural ingredients that would help your body release these bad stuff. Love Life benefits: You’ll have a clearer, cleaner skin plus you’ll never have to worry about dates interrupted over bowel problems. And you’ll have fewer flu and cold days when you detoxify regularly so you can smooch up any-freaking-time of the year!
  5. Do yoga! Contrary to what most manly men would like to believe, yoga is not just for women and it’s NEVER TOO FEMININE! Yoga helps in regulating your heartbeat, improving your blood circulation, and helps tone your muscles. Love life benefits: Endurance and flexibility. Need I say more? *wink*

Please also visit my last blog post for more tips. Thanks!

5 Probable Reasons Why You’re Single

5 Probable Reasons Why You’re Single

Are you single and sick and tired of it? Being happily single is not something for everyone; it takes a lot of confidence and self-love to be able to go through life without a significant other. Going through just one holiday as a single person may even be an ordeal to some! And while you men don’t really bother to show it or talk about it (please, what guy shows up on poker nights lamenting to his buddies moping about loneliness and being single over beer), we know better. You think about it, the thought fills your mind when you’re alone on a Friday night gorging on Doritos and Pepsi on the couch you couldn’t share with anyone.

For most people, being in a committed relationship meant companionship, belonging, and never having to fear being alone; that being in a relationship and sharing love is a fulfillment in itself. So it’s not surprising some people are just fed up of being a lonely soul in a society that loves pairs. Haven’t you read the post on how to seduce a woman? Read it here now.

Reasons why you’re SINGLE

Why are you single?

Now, if you’re fed up and tired of being single, and of having to go through the usual cycle of dating and getting disappointed, why don’t we try to figure out why it never works? Here are 5 probably reasons why you are single:

  1. You are looking in the wrong places. I won’t call you out for having standards; having them is good. And that’s so much better than men who would go after anything that calls themselves women and look like women. But the reason, maybe, why you’re single is that no one in the crowd you hang out with possesses the qualities that you’re looking for. Maybe the yuppie crowd is too old for you and you’re looking for a young, animated lady. Or maybe the serious business people in your clique are not providing you with the hippie chicks that you’ve always fancied to meet. Change your scenery and go after the kind of women that make you happy.
  2. You are too shy. There’s a single lady, there’s a single you, and there’s space between you two. And she’s only waiting for you to make a move. If you’re shy, you probably just let this opportunity pass and let your shyness take you over. And if that’s the story of your life, then stop wondering why you’re single. PS: if you’re too bashful to actually go out, try online dating! Create an awesome profile and wow them fellow shy ones!
  3. You spend too much time with yourself and by yourself. Me-time is healthy. But too much of it, as with anything, may be bad for your social life (which, I reckon, you don’t have any more) and your dating life. The girls won’t know where you are and they are unlikely to show up at your doorstep; the girls won’t be at your house or whichever cave you chose to hide in. And even if they did, if you keep to yourself 90-100% of the time, you won’t stand a chance to meet them at all. You have to go out sometimes, you know. That is, if you want to find your mate.
  4. You don’t look the part. Girls, while they don’t always have tastes, still have standards on what’s good to date and what’s not. If you are (a) stinky, (b) dirty, (c) unkempt most days, chances are, they’ve mistaken you for a hobo than an actual date-able man. You don’t have to go all out looking like a million bucks; just at least look clean and decent, and someone who wouldn’t elicit weird and nasty looks when out in public.
  5. You are in the friendzone. Ahh but of course, the tale of many a gallant male in history and today. I’m telling you, get out of there. That’s the only way to know if she cares enough to stop you from leaving, or if she was a waste of your love energy the whole time. Get out and get out of there FAST!

Try the ultimate guide to love from SonicSeduction.net but man, you may be single because you are loving it. Either way, if you find yourself in any of these situations, try the tips on how to overcome it and be successfully out of the single zone!

Interesting post about law of seduction

Interesting post about law of seduction

While using my computer and conducting some work research, I found this really interesting article like my previous blog posts.

“When receiving clear signals of interest from another person, the person is momentarily pleased, adapts quickly, and the case is closed. But when interest is uncertain, the person can think of little else; they are constantly in search of an explanation. Eventually the person interprets these thoughts as a sign of liking and they think, “Gee, I must really like this person if I can’t stop thinking about him!” (Whitchurch, Wilson, & Gilbert, in press). Every petal peeled off the rose while saying, “He loves me, he loves me not…” is a step closer to attraction.”

Read more here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/beautiful-minds/201101/the-most-powerful-law-seduction

Ofcourse, if you know how to talk to a woman or just by showing that you are a happy go lucky but have a lot dreams in life, you will definitely win a woman’s heart, seduce her and own her completely.

That’s all for now! Be back soon, till next time guys :)

Happy reading everyone!

How To Talk To Women

How To Talk To Women


Whether you spotted a very attractive woman at the bar, supermarket, laundromat or at a book store, you can be that guy who can walk over to her and sweet talk your way to a possible friendship and even more. You don’t need to look like Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt, and you sure don’t have to be an expert on women psychology to start a conversation. At the end of the day, it’s really just all about mustering the courage to do it despite being shy, nervous or unsure about the outcome.

Just the same, it’s always better coming to battle prepared. It’s not saying that talking to women is a battle, but let’s face it, it is a hurdle for a lot of men. And below are some simple tips you can use when talking with women.

How To Talk To Women

  • Break the Ice.” Start with a “hi” and a firm handshake then bring out some funny and interesting jokes or stories you brought to further break the ice. It would help if you can prepare a few smooth conversation starters beforehand. A pick-up line will work but it has to be something smart and not corny or cheesy. Talk about something unique and humorous, but regardless of what you use to break the ice, make sure that you will come off as confident and smart instead of being too full of yourself. If you do this well, you’ll eventually pick her full attention and she may even want to know you more hereafter.speeddating
  • Avoid Too Much Compliments.” There’s no question that any woman adores a guy who notices their make-up, dress or shoes. Complimenting her eyes, hair, hands or choice of drink is actually an excellent conversation starter, but never overdo it. A compliment or two is often enough but more will come off as if you’re patronizing her. She may think you’re trying too hard and that can be a major turn off killing the conversation right there.
  • Convey Interest.” Women love it when men shower them with attention so if you want to talk and carry on with a great conversation, you have to be really interested. Eye contact is crucial, ask questions aimed to get to know her interests and get her opinions as well. Make it about her but make sure that the questions are interesting and engaging enough. If she sees that you’re really into the talk and into her, she’ll undoubtedly jump right in and enjoy the social interaction.
  • Go with the Flow.” Some men say to stick with safe and and polite conversations when talking with women. That works for some, but not always because this kind of conversations eventually become really boring and predictable. Women do not want that. So if you want to keep the talk going, crack jokes and flirt once in a while, then build from a common topic that interests both of you. The asking questions from the previous tip will come handy at this point, using humor to attract women to you. If you paid attention to her answers, you can get going from there.
  • Be Yourself.” Being yourself when talking with women can be tricky. Majority of men hates rejection and there are many instances that guys hide their personality in order to make a good impression. There’s nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward, but never be afraid to express yourself and show her your personality. If she likes it, all good. But if not, move on to your next prospect.

Treat women like human beings, with respect and dignity.(read more)

And there you go, after that learn how to seduce a woman. Now that you know these five simple ways to talk with women, use them and see which works best. It will not guarantee that all you attempts to start a conversation will go smoothly as planned, but you have something to practice on. You’ll eventually get better at it and maybe even master the thing.

Single Guy Checklist: Are You Relationship Material?

Single Guy Checklist: Are You Relationship Material?

I was reading a good article on relationships when I thought of writing this. Have you ever wondered how the girls you date perceive you? Do you see yourself as a relationship material kind of guy? You know, the long term kind that gets to meet her parents and spend at least one important holiday at her parents’ house somewhere in the countryside.

relationships Are you a relationship kind of guy? Read on and find out.

Do you think girls look at you that way when they go on a date with you? Or do you seem like just about any average guy who’s only good with a bottle or two of beer, some dinner, and maybe a one-night stand?

Here’s the checklist every single-and-looking guy must check out: are you a relationship material?

  • What do you want to achieve on a date? Do you want to meet someone that you can get to know, share a good conversation with, and maybe try a new hobby with? If you are up for speed dating, check my previous post about it here. Or do you go out on a date a la Stifmeister (American Pie, anyone?)  with only one thing in mind aka sex? A relationship material kind of guy would look out to not only be physically intimate with his ideal girl but to be intimate with her on so many different levels.
  • How do you imagine a perfect date? Smooching, making out, and having sex wherever, whenever? Or sharing a good conversation and maybe learning some new sport with someone? See, guys who are into long term relationships know that there is more to romance than just sex. If you’re the type who can enjoy somebody’s company without going sexual, then maybe you’re in for the long haul.
  • What do you first look at in a girl? Looks are a given but where do you go from there? What gets you interested in women – the curves of her body or the contents of her mind? Is it her willingness to be sexual with you, or her willingness to discover things with your company? Is it her humor, her independence, or just simply her libertine mind? If you think you haven’t met the right one yet, it pays to know some covert techniques in picking up girls.
  • Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you see yourself settling down in the near or distant future? Can you imagine yourself staying with the same woman for the rest of your life? Or do you still imagine yourself making and discovering new antics for seducing women at any age?
  • How would you define a perfect relationship? If it is one that has no fights, no problems, lots of fun and with someone who does as you bid, you may be on the wrong relationship foot. A person who knows and understands what a true relationship brings knows that a relationship will always have ups and downs – it can only survive, however, if it is shared with a person who is just as willing to go through every obstacle with you. If you imagine your perfect relationship to be one that’s devoid of problems, you might have a hard time staying in a relationship for the long term.

So, are you relationship material? Or are you just one of those guys who comes and goes – pun intended?

5 Signs that You’re in a Happy Relationship

5 Signs that You’re in a Happy Relationship

Are you in a happy relationship? Have you finally proven your skills at how to meet and approach women, and eventually find a girlfriend and live happily ever after? Here are telltale signs that you’re in one:

happycouple A happy relationship doesn’t make you want to become someone else.

10. You feel free even when you’re committed. You don’t actually feel like being loyal is a chore – it comes naturally. Neither do you have the desire for someone else. Pretty faces come and go but only one girl can make you happy.

9. You fight every now and then but you never feel the need or urge to leave the relationship. Fights and arguments are pretty normal in a relationship. A helping or two of these petty fights are actually healthy for a relationship. But no matter how often or how hard you fight, you never get the feeling of wishing you’re with someone else or you’re out of the relationship. You feel happy with where you are – fights and all.

8. You want to make each other happy. You spend your time between thinking about things that make her happy, and the rest, actually making her happy. And you don’t feel compelled to. The thought comes naturally to you and it doesn’t even make you feel tired no matter how much effort you put into it. You just are content and happy just from seeing her happy. You live to see her smile and laugh.

7. You both don’t feel the need to become someone else and you’re totally at east to be yourself around her. Ever heard about “farts are a good test of relationship, if she can stand it she loves you”? Literally and figuratively, it tells how comfortable you are around her, oh and how comfortable she is with the worst of you. If you don’t feel the need to be someone else around her, then you’re in one happy relationship.

6. You want to make each other better. Being better is different from becoming someone else. And if you want to improve yourself by going to school, earning a degree, earning a promotion, or starting a business because her very presence inspires you to be better, then you’re with a very wonderful woman. Being in love and in a happy relationship means you want to improve yourself to benefit the relationship and the other person in it.

5. You want nothing but the best for her and she does the same to you. If she saves the best part of the chicken for you, and you’re content with sleeping with half a pillow and half a bed for her sake, then you both are in a happy, generous relationship. It’s not every day that you find someone that you’d be willing to give up the things you love for and if you find one who’s willing to do the same for you, please don’t do anything stupid to lose it!

4. You can easily be oblivious to what everyone else says. It’s easy to be affected by the nasty things people say about your relationship. But you’re in a relationship that’s happy enough if you can drown out the voice of the crowd – no matter how loud it is – with just her voice.

3. Imagining the future with this one girl is easy. Whether you’re looking into marriage, settling down and having kids, or just plainly growing old together, this is not something you can easily imagine doing with someone you’re not happy with. If it comes easy with your girl, and there’s that innate sense of peace in your heart that you’re eventually going to stay with her for as long as you can imagine, then you must be really happy.

2. You find yourself smiling at the thought of your relationship. You don’t necessarily have to be 24/7 happy or that everything should be perfect and going really smoothly. But the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions your girl or your relationship is gratefulness and contentment.

1. There is mutual respect. From love comes respect – it comes naturally with affection and passion. You respect her beliefs, whatever it is and she does the same. And no matter how badly you fight, you never go so far as calling her names or doing anything disrespectful. And that only comes from a kind of love that treats the other person as an equal.
So, are you in a happy relationship?

If any or all of these are present in your relationship, congratulations! You are amazing at improving your relationship!

Speed Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Speed Dating Do’s and Don’ts

So you’re going speed dating? It’s surprising how this old school method of meeting women still thrives in this age of modern technology. In fact, it is even more surprising how you end up finding a good girl to date with a really quick exchange of questions and answers.

Sure speed dating does not come with a promise of 100% efficiency, but what the hell, it’s more efficient than sitting down and waiting for Cupid to act on your love life!

speeddating Speed dating is all about taking chances and probable opportunities.

Speed dating is all about potentials, chances, opportunities. Since we’re talking of speed here, here are some easy ways on how to ask her out. It is never only about finding one person you’d want to date. It’s about getting that chance to meet as many women at once. It takes away the pressure and awkwardness of a blind date, and is generally more economical because you don’t need the whole week and your whole paycheck to meet seven different girls.

To make the most out of your speed dating experience, here are some do’s and don’ts to follow:


  • Do prepare a small sheet of generic questions that you can ask all the girls. And be prepared to answer questions. I’m pretty sure she’s going to ask about your hobbies. Learn what men hobbies women like so you can relate your hobbies to them, if they aren’t your hobbies yet.
  • Do make follow up questions.
  • Do listen intently to their answers. You sure don’t want to miss out on the most interesting details so give each girl all your attention.
  • Do show up looking your best. You’re in there to meet girls and the opportunities are twice or thrice as much as the chances you get in a bar or on a date.
  • Relax. There’s nothing to fear and no one’s going to shoot you in the head with a shotgun if you come out without a date after the event.
  • Do it with friends. Speed dating is always a case of ‘the more the merrier’. Some of the girls also came with their friends. It would be a great opportunity for a future group date. (Plus, it would make it less frightening for you when your friends are around you.
  • Have fun. Don’t think too much about how badly you did with one girl and enjoy every other girl you get to meet. Having fun, being relaxed – these will all show in the way you talk with the girls.


  • Don’t be too serious. Speed dating is supposed to be fun so save the story of the Hero Dog for some other time.
  • Don’t give out too much personal information. Speed dating is only one step ahead of internet dating. Don’t divulge too much information for your own safety.
  • Don’t linger. Leave some mystery, and leave some room for other girls in your mind. Don’t make a final decision until after you’ve met the last girl in line.
  • Don’t talk too much about yourself. Unless you want to come off as an arrogant douchebag, give enough opportunities for you and the girl to talk and actually get to know each other. And for your own security, don’t give too much information.
  • Don’t ask stupid question. You’ll get stupid answers.
  • Don’t use your phone. You’re wasting time and opportunities telling the world about the event over actually enjoying the whole thing.